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Escape Chutes and Escape ladders – Evacuation solutions

Axel Thoms Lebensrettungseinrichtungen GmbH serves as an integrated manufacturer of Escape Chutes for its clients worldwide for more than 40 years. We consult and accompany our clients individually in every project from the inquiry to the on-site testing and training. We provide our clients with after-sales service, such as maintenance service as well as follow-up instructions with practical (re-)training. All services worldwide from one single source.

We develop, design and produce exclusively in Germany. Our objective is to provide our clients with solutions for their requirements, rather than standardized products.

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Our evacuation solutions

Please do not hesitate to contact us about our special designs!

Project process for Escape Chutes

Our services include the entire project process. Axel Thoms Lebensrettungseinrichtungen provides “turnkey” solutions, including design, production, delivery, installation and training as well as later service of the Escape Chutes.


About us – The Escape Chutes of Axel Thoms Lebensrettungseinrichtungen GmbH

We provide our clients with established solutions as well as new developments for specific applications.The combination of different construction and function types as well as materials allows us to cover a wide range of scenarios. We offer stationary, partially mobile and fully mobile solutions. Both for permanent and temporary use in various environments and locations.

Certifications for the safety and quality of our company and products

TÜV Zertifikat

ISO 9001:2015 (QM)



TÜV Zertifikat Gs


TÜV Zertifikat

TÜV Production audit

Further certifications: ISO 14001:2004,BS OHSAS 18001 : 2007, OEkotex 100

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