Axel Thoms Lebensrettungseinrichtungen GmbH – Mobile Escape Chutes

The Mobile Escape Chute is used for the rescue of persons from different operating heights.
The Chute is equipped with zippers that allow exit at variable heights.
The Mobile Escape Chute is manufactured in one piece. There is no need to connect or disconnect fittings or segments before use.

The system can be operated on a turntable ladders, telescopic booms or can be used without them.
Mobile Escape Chutes are available from manufacturers such as Rosenbauer, Bronto, Cela, Morita, Magirus and others as an equipment for new vehicles,
but can also be retrofitted to existing vehicles.

The objective is to accelerate high-altitude rescue, because rescue sites do not have to be approached again from the ground for each person to be evacuated.
An evacuation flow can be achieved.
The portable Mobile Escape Chute can be operated in situations where the use of vehicles is not possible.

Mobile Escape Chute operation on aerials (high altitude rescue):

mobiler Rettungsschlauch am Feuerwehrfahrzeug
Einstieg in den Rettungsschlauch am Feuerwehrfahrzeug
Feuerwehrmann rutscht den mobilen Rettungsschlauch hinunter
mobiler Rettungsschlauch gut verpackt im Feuerwehrauto zum Transport
Mobiler Rettungsschlauch am Feuerwehrfahrzeug

Mobile Escape Chute in portable operation (stand-alone solution):

Tragbarer mobiler Rettungsschlauch
Tragbarer mobiler Rettungsschlauch zur Evakuierung
Mobiler Rettungsschlauch zur Evakuierung
Mobiler Rettungsschlauch Einstieg
Mobiler Rettungsschlauch mit flexibler Öffnung

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