Axel Thoms Lebensrettungseinrichtungen GmbH – Stationary Escape Chutes for fast evacuation

The vertical spiral Escape Chute with inner spiral-shaped sliding layer has been used worldwide in a wide range of applications and design types for more than 35 years. The purpose of the Escape Chute is to facilitate autonomous evacuation in cases where the first escape route cannot be used.The Escape Chute provides a controlled-descent, self-braking slide, widely independent from body size, weight or age and is also suitable for pregnant women or people with limited mobility (infants, wheelchair users, etc. – see video).The descending speed is less than 2 m/s (~ 7 km/h or ~4 mp/h) – slower than modern elevators. Inside the Escape Chute it is as bright as outside. Sliding persons have sufficient space – the circumference is ~ 2 m / 6.5 ft. The Escape Chutes can be installed indoors or outdoors (terrace, roof, balcony or similar). Each system is a custom made solution designed and manufactured for the specific location. Consequently, there is usually no need for preparatory or follow-up works by other contractors.

Escape Chutes provide for rapid evacuation

  • Our Escape Chute is of course TÜV (first national certification body) “GS” tested and approved.
  • In evacuation drills, evacuation rates of over 15 persons per minute were achieved. This value is widely independent of the height, because multiple users can slide at the same time without the risk of vertical “collisions”.
  • We supply with a 15-year guarantee. The life cycle of the systems can be longer, depending on its usage.
  • The heights for application range from about 2 m to over 110 m.
  • Based on the project, the Escape Chute is supplied in flame-retardant or non-flammable materials.
  • Moreover, the textile components have been tested to Oekotex 100 standard (free from hazardous components).
  • Our services typically include design, production, delivery, installation, training and handover of the Escape Chutes, as a “turnkey” single-source solution. In Germany, as well as worldwide.
  • The space required for an Escape Chute is small – usually less than 1m². The appearance of the building is not changed. There is no need for permanent ground level space or winter maintenance – compared to stairs.


In addition to the fastest handling of all models, this design option also ensures barrier-free access and can therefore also be used by persons with limited mobility without the need to seek assistance from others.


Hatch-box – hospital helideck


This type of design allows to store the Escape Chute separately from the exit window. Furthermore it does have a smaller footprint due to its construction.

Rettungsschlauch verschiebbar
Escape Chute sliding
Escape Chute sliding entry

Installation examples for indoor and outdoor installations

Escape Chutes Axel Thoms
Escape Chute folded out on the outside
Escape Chute folded out on the outside
Escape Chutes unfolded from the balcony
Escape Chute packed inside
Escape Chute packed

Even for children of crib age, the Escape Chutes are perfectly suitable and they can slide without assistance

Child slips through the escape chute
Baby slips through the escape chute

Transparent Escape Chute

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