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The Modum Escape ladder provides an elegant solution for self-rescue in case of emergency. The Modum Escape ladder can be used to leave the building in case of fire. The Modum Escape ladder can as well serve as a “secret” emergency exit, which is not visible from the outside, in case of burglary / intrusion. The compact dimensions of the ladder in its closed condition prevent it from being perceived as a ladder and rather considered to be a rain pipe. Dimensions closed: 72 mm x 47 mm. Dimensions opened: 398 mm x 47 mm. Moreover, the Modum Escape ladder can be adapted to the facade (multi-colored, if necessary).


Download Flyer Escape Ladder


Flyer Escape Ladder

Ladders enable fast evacuation

Escape ladder on the house for evacuation

Escape ladder at the house

Escape ladder for evacuation

1. Pull out the Release Pin

Fold out escape ladder for evacuation

2. Open the Ladder

Climb down escape ladder

3. Climp Down

Advantages of the Modum Escape ladder

  • Handling is easy and quick – within a few seconds.
  • We recommend the Modum Escape ladder especially for smaller user groups and low heights.
  • A fall protection harness is optionally available for the Modum Escape ladder.
  • The Modum Escape ladder is made of anodized aluminum and is therefore completely weatherproof and extremely durable. The connecting elements are stainless steel.
  • The Modum Escape ladder has a vertical load capacity of approximately 5 kN ~ 500 kg per meter.
  • The steps have an anti-slipping profile.
  • Because the Modum Escape ladder remains closed when not in use, the steps are always free of ice.
  • The Modum Escape ladder has been tested by TÜV (German first national certification body) and has been awarded the GS certification (approved for user safety).
  • The Modum Escape ladder is endorsed by the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association for self-rescue even at climbing heights of more than 5m.
  • Multiple floors can be served by one ladder. Descent is possible at any time from any floor, but unintentional ascent is not possible.
  • It is impossible to open the Modum Escape ladder from the ground.
  • Alternatively, the Modum Escape ladder is also available as an inspection ladder with a lock cylinder for opening from ground level.

The Modum Escape ladder is made individually for the client.A wide range of models and options is available for various applications.

Examples of Modum Escape ladder installations

Escape ladder in closed condition
Escape ladder in the open state
Special constructions of an escape ladder in the closed state
Special constructions of an open ladder
Rescue ladder in closed condition
Rescue ladder in the open state

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